Experience Tsawwassen’s World Class Windsurfing

Windsurfing in Boundary Bay

When we think of Tsawwassen we immediately picture a seaside neighbourhood rooted in community, family, tranquility and nature. Strolling the beach, perusing the farmers’ market and visiting locally-owned shops are among the favourite activities of those who live here. Many people are surprised and delighted to learn that Tsawwassen is also home to world-class windsurfing. Some people move here for this adventure sport while others are drawn from far and wide to experience the spectacular wind and the waves that can be found just past our shoreline. It’s no wonder locals describe the community as having it all — from ambling to adventuring, Tsawwassen is rich with variety.

Where to Windsurf

Those who know their way around will direct you to one of two prime spots to catch the best winds. The first is located on the south side of the Tsawwassen causeway near the end of Hwy 17, on the way to the BC Ferries terminal. A popular spot to set sail is about halfway down the causeway, labeled on Google Maps as Tsawwassen Beach Parking. You’ll also find windsurfers at Boundary Bay Regional Park, which offers a vehicle-access ramp just south of the main entrance to the park.

When to Windsurf

Pro windsurfers are known for hitting the water just after a storm. They also rely on Windfinder, a website that offers regular updates on wind speed, direction and other useful data to help guide your ride. Take a look at the bird’s eye view of wind and swell for Boundary Bay/Tsawwassen to help assess conditions.

Why You Should Try It

Besides the thrill of riding the waves, windsurfing is an incredible sport for overall well-being. It offers a full-body cardio workout that relies on core stability, strength and coordination. To catch wind and waves, the sail is pushed or pulled with the use of bodyweight. This workout requires the full presence of mind and body, and the fresh air and connection to nature are added benefits that can contribute to an unparalleled sense of physical and mental wellbeing. 

Go ahead and get out there! After a day of endorphins and energy well spent, head to Southlands’ Market District to refuel with homegrown and sustainable food that’s just as nourishing and local as the wind and waves.