Southlands has been feeding its community for a long time. The First Nations people fished the waters of Boundary Bay for thousands of years. Since the 1870s, the land has been farmed, producing crops of potatoes and barley.

Since acquiring the site in 1990, Century Group has consulted with the community to envision a neighbourhood that highlights and celebrates Delta’s food and farming traditions. The historic Alexander/Gunn House, the Red Barn, The Grange, and over 425 acres of farmland have been donated back to the City of Delta. Publicly owned, it will be preserved for agriculture, wildlife habitat, trails, and natural green space.

Here, the past inspires a way of life that sustains the present—while ever mindful of the future. Future generations will ride their bikes through Southlands’ orchards, shop at the markets, and greet their farmers by name at cafés.


More than 20 years in the planning, Southlands has been created with more public input than any other community in BC’s history. It now reflects the collaborative vision of its developer, architects, and neighbours.

Together, they have shaped a place unique for its livability, walkability, access to nature, and connections to agriculture. It follows the principles of New Urbanism, a movement that promotes pedestrian-friendly, mixed-use neighbourhoods with generous open space.

The people who envisioned this place share something with those who will live and work here: a passion for farming and food. The culture is one of harvest festivals, gardening demonstrations, and cooking lessons. Farm-to-table living has inspired the site design, the edible landscape, and the architectural vernacular. While the community has been planned, we expect—and encourage—it to grow organically, evolving in its own way.

Our Partners:

  • ZGF Architects
  • MOTIV Architects Inc.
  • Ste. Marie Art + Design
  • BYU Design
  • Insight Design Group Inc.
  • Hotson Architecture Inc.
  • Formwerks Architectural
  • Ross Chapin Architects
  • Birmingham & Wood
  • van der Zalm + Associates
  • ETA Landscape Architecture
  • Letterbox Design
  • Aplin & Martin Consultants Ltd.