Live at the edge of Southlands Farm and you’ll live connected to food as it is freshly pulled from the soil or plucked from the trees each season. But more than that, you will live connected to a tradition that urban life has all but lost. When you live so close to your food, you’ll be inspired to cook, make healthier choices for your family, and try new ingredients. Moreover, your surrounding greenspace will never be developed. Your views will be fields and orchards forever.

If we could create a place where farming and food could energize a neighbourhood then, in a modern sense, we could re-establish something we lost. That is the promise of Southlands— that we try to make those connections and re-establish the culture of agriculture in a new sense of place.

Sean Hodgins, President, Century Group


The heart—and arguably the soul—of this community is a working, productive farm. We couldn’t create that authentic connection to agriculture without our many farm partners. We are grateful for their contributions to the culture of Southlands life:

  • Earthwise
  • Boundary Bay Bees
  • Brent Kelly Farms
  • Snow Farms
  • Delta Community Farmers
  • Farm Roots