The Land

Southlands is a vast sweep of land— 537 acres—on Boundary Bay in southeast Tsawwassen. But more, it is a unique community where people live connected to the source of their food, to farmers and farming, and to each other. Its peaceful, pastoral nature is protected by the sea, wild bird habitat, open fields, and mature forests. Our immediate neighbours are Boundary Bay Regional Park, Centennial Beach, and traditional blocks of single-family homes.

Productive farmland, forest, parks and greenways comprise 80 per cent of our site, or approximately 430 acres. The remaining 20 per cent—approximately 107 acres—is quiet residential pockets and a vibrant Market District of shops, cafés, and farmers’ markets. In total, there will be just 950 homes on 537 acres.

Orchard-lined Southlands Drive is a welcoming point of entry—as well as a convenient country road connecting Boundary Bay Road with 56th Street and greater Tsawwassen. Multi-use paths for walking and cycling meander through the property before leading to Boundary Bay Park, Centennial Beach, and other destinations.


A multi-generational neighbourhood of townhomes, courtyard cottages, and estate cottages, where summer evenings are all about the front porch.


A mix of townhomes, courtyard cottages, estate cottages, row homes, and country flats, all connected by quiet streets, sidewalks, and cycling paths.


Ground-level shops and restaurants with homes above—mere steps from the vibrant, eventful Market Square.


North America’s largest community-owned farm encompasses 325 acres, combining conventional agriculture with a local-scale, 50-acre farm growing a mix of organic vegetables.


Natural woodlands shelter the site on two sides, providing shade, wildlife habitat, and pockets of green space to explore.