Tsawwassen: Metro Vancouver’s Sunniest Hidden Gem

Boundary Bay Regional Park

As we bask in the warmth of the approaching summer, it’s time to uncover a hidden treasure right in our midst – Tsawwassen, Metro Vancouver’s brightest jewel. Tsawwassen boasts an astonishingly sun-soaked climate with a staggering number of sunny days and significantly less rainfall than its metropolitan counterparts (we’re talking 40% less precipitation than downtown Vancouver and less than half of North Vancouver’s rainfall).

What sets Tsawwassen apart as an exceptional alternative for sun worshippers? Let’s dive right in.

Sun-Kissed Days in Delta

Delta, home to Tsawwassen, is renowned for its exceptional weather conditions. The region enjoys an abundance of sunny days throughout the year, making it a dream come true for sun seekers. In fact, compared to Vancouver, just a short drive away, South Delta experiences a significantly higher number of clear, blue-sky days. The secret behind this meteorological wonder lies in its strategic southwest coastal location, nestled between the Fraser River and the Strait of Georgia, and well away from the shadow-casting North Shore mountains. Tsawwassen, in particular, shines brightly with an estimated 2912.28 hours of sun, offering more sunny days compared to Vancouver, which boasts approximately 1940 hours of sun and 290 days of sunshine per year.

Boundary Bay Regional Park

A Rainfall Retreat

Tsawwassen has earned its reputation as a rain-shadow region, receiving considerably less rainfall compared to Vancouver and other neighbouring areas. In fact, you can expect about 10 fewer rainy days a year here. This meteorological miracle is thanks to the unique geography of the region, shielded by the Coastal Mountains to the north. These natural barriers work their magic by diverting rain clouds away, leaving South Delta with a relatively dry climate. 

The result? More opportunities for outdoor activities and a higher chance of indulging in sunshine-filled adventures!