Become A Member of our First Southlands CSA Season


Feed Your Family With Fresh Food Straight Off Southlands Farm

Southlands CSA program is now accepting members for the 2020 season. Limited shares are available, so sign up now.

Who grows your food? Where does your food come from? Do you know what are you eating? Now, more than ever, it is important to raise questions like these that focus on healthier living, community resilience, and supporting our local farmers and food economy.

Join the Southlands CSA Program today and put food on your table that you pick up directly from farmers Seann and Suzy (of Salt & Harrow) at Southlands Farm, reducing your carbon footprint and localizing your food system. You’ll not only know where your food is grown, but you’ll get to know the farmers that grow it.

Each week, you’ll receive approximately $30 worth of produce…that’s less than organic produce at the grocery store costs AND will last longer because the food is right out of the ground. No trucks, no long distances, no loss of freshness.

Click here to sign up for the Southlands 2020 CSA Program.

The Southlands 2020 CSA Season is now accepting members.

What Is A CSA Program?

A CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program is a genuine way to connect the consumer and grower, each making a commitment to the other in a mutually beneficial partnership. People seeking sustainable, organically grown produce purchase a “share” in the farm early in the season. This assists the farm in the purchasing of seeds and farm materials at a time of year when financial resources are limited. In exchange, the farm commits to providing a weekly share of the harvest to each member. 

As a member of the Southlands CSA Program, you will also receive emails about upcoming events, recipes to compliment your veggie haul, and updates about activities on the farm and in the wider farming community.

Salt & Harrow at Southlands Farm

Salt & Harrow are resident growers of the Southlands Farm, working to provide local customers with a full vegetarian diet of artisan quality organic fruits and vegetables. Their food is a reflection of the place in which it is grown and the joy they take in growing it. By caring for the soil, they strive to produce nourishing food made by land, healthy soil, and hard working farmers. Visit the Salt & Harrow website to learn more.

Southlands Farm is home to a collection of farmers, artisans and producers. As the opening day for Southlands approaches, the Salt & Harrow farmers have already broken ground and will be offering local residents a share in their bounty. In uncertain times like these, it is lucky that we have each other to turn to and that we have access to local, organic, healthy food right at our doorstep. Join the Southlands CSA to secure a weekly selection of their favourite picks throughout the season. Click here to sign up.


Contact Salt & Harrow by email or by phone (250) 240-0802.

Regarding COVID-19

If there is still a state of emergency by mid-May and market access becomes limited, alternate pick-up locations or contact-less delivery options and pre-packed shares will be offered. We will also extend the 5% discount until May 1st to help offset the unexpected circumstances people are facing.