Southlands Farming Video Highlights Coming Together As A Community Around Food


With the tagline “a beach community rooted in farming and food”, the lifestyle offered at Southlands is intimately connected to farm living and access to the freshest produce and ingredients around. Nowhere else could someone say they have one of North America’s largest publicly-owned farms in their backyard.

We’re planning the community around the farm.

Seann Dory, Salt & Harrow

In this video, we introduce you to Seann Dory and Suzy Keown from Salt & Harrow Farm. Seann and Suzy are resident farmers of the 50-acre Southlands Community Farm and have been tasked with activating the agricultural components of the Southlands community such as the CSA program (community-supported agriculture), allotment gardens, and providing opportunities to connect people with fresh food and farming best practices.

Video vignette highlighting the agricultural component of the Southlands community.