Red Barn Emerges as the Foundation of the Southlands Market Square

The historic Red Barn in Southlands’ Market Square has been modernized into a new publicly-owned community centre. Opening Fall 2020.

For over a year, construction at Southlands has been underway on the first phase of housing and the Market Square, which includes a cornerstone of the community – The Red Barn. The Red Barn will be a warm and inviting social hub; a place where community members come together with neighbours.

Construction progress images of the Red Barn interior. (July 2020)

The Red Barn is inspired by the past but built for the future. The once dairy barn was a regular community planning and meeting spot with our partners and farmers. It was only fitting that this piece of history be restored to once again service the community as an inviting social hub. Those who will walk or cycle through Southlands and families that will call this neighbourhood home, will recognize the sight of the big Red Barn as a place to gather at the heart of their community. 

Reimagined as a welcoming and warm centre, The Red Barn is an encouraged community space that will feature noble high ceilings, wood beams, rustic character and large open concept spaces. This modern yet classic take on an inspired dairy barn will offer a space for winter farmers markets to enjoy fresh produce and artisanal products year around, for workshops and cooking classes, community events and, in due time, a picture-perfect venue for weddings and celebrations. 

We look forward to welcoming you soon to experience the newly restored Red Barn that will support this new community for generations to come.